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Top Twenty Five Recipes of 2021!

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Hey friends! If you’ve been here for awhile you’ve seen me pull together a list at the end of the year full of reader favorites! It’s totally one of my favorite posts of the year and I always get excited to see what recipes made the list and in what order. There’s always some good old stand bys that never seem to get “kicked off” and that’s okay with me! Favorites that get made again and again are the backbone of this blog.

If you’re new here HI! Welcome. I’m so glad you found my lil corner of the internet. Think of this Top Twenty Five list as your very own personal skinny-ish dish quick tour guide. While I have a lot of favorites that aren’t on this list, these recipes stand above the rest for the time being and you definitely cannot go wrong making any of them! Long time readers? Maybe you missed a couple of these and now you can add them to your must make list too! Whatever you may be, I hope you enjoy!

This past year has been full of some really good highs and some really low lows, and truthfully, I’m not sorry to be saying goodbye to 2021. I’m also not saying I’m going to be making 2022 my best year, but I’d settle for delightfully uneventful, but productive and full of smiles kind of year. That’s all I am going to say about that.

As always thank you so so so much for being here whether you’re a brand new reader or you’ve been here since daily dose of pepper days. I thank you for inviting me into your homes and into your kitchens. It’s not something I take lightly when you put your trust in me. I appreciate you all so very much.

Guess what? GIVEAWAY!

I’m also adding a GIVEAWAY! to the countdown list this year. Yay! right? Everyones loves free goodies. I’m giving away “A few of my favorite things” to 5 readers! Winner will get my favorite meat thermometer, my current favorite insulated travel mug, an adorable meal planner, and my favorite deep skillet with lid that I use literally all of the time! This isn’t sponsored by anyone but me! I will choose a winner on January 10 2022. I will email the winner separately and also update this post with the names! Please read rules and extra entries below.

RULES: To enter you must comment on this post (tell me your favorite skinny-ish dish recipe or if you’re new here-tell me which one you plan to try!) and make sure to put your correct email in where it asks for your email so I can reach you (email is not published publicly and i will not use your email except to let you know you’ve won.). Winner must live in the continental US to receive items mentioned above (you can enter if you don’t live in the US but I can only send you a gift card for these items, I can’t send the actual items to you).

Oh and!!! **Do you want 5 bonus entries? Go rate and comment on your favorite skinny-ish dish recipe! Be sure to use #top2021 in the comment so that I know to enter you for extra entries! 5 extra entries for every recipe you enter up to 5 recipes. So you can enter a total of 26 times total****

Please note: I moderate new comments here to reduce spam/profanity/downright rudeness. If you’ve never commented before or have only commented once or twice it probably won’t be approved until I manually approve it. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see it post automatically! If you’re concerned it didn’t go through please check again in 24 hours and then re-enter if you don’t see your comment! =)

Anyway let’s get this show on the road shall we?

TWENTY FIVE: Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Street Corn is my trusty stand-by for Taco Tuesday! And, it looks like it’s a lot of others favorite side dish also! It’s so simple to make! This creamy corn is full of lots of good flavor and goes next to just about anything you can think of enchiladas, tacos, burritos, fajitas, carne asada, etc etc! We love it here on the skinny-ish dish and I think you will too!

#25 bowl of mexican street corn with limes

TWENTY FOUR: Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti!

This classic creamy spaghetti dish is filled with delicious Tex Mex flavor that will warm your soul! We could easily live off of this dish.

white bowl with spaghetti noodles, cheese, red peppers, cilantro


New years resolution: Make more skillet pickle chicken! I can’t believe it’s number 23, y’all! This chicken is the best thing since sliced bread, TRUST ME.

chicken tenders with pickles on black cutting board

TWENTY TWO: Chicken French Dips!

My mama is proud of y’all for keeping this one on the top twenty five. If you know, you know! If you’re new around these parts. My mom thinks this recipe should be number one. Forever. It’s her absolute favorite!

chicken and cheese stuffed in hard rolls on top of brown parchment paper

TWENTY ONE: Biscuits N’ Gravy Bake

There’s something warm and fuzzy about the fact that this was the very first recipe that I put out into the “internet world” and it still makes the top twenty five list 5 years later. It’s definitely a forever favorite! I think I’ll make a tshirt that says biscuits n’ gravy bake 4 life. (who wants one!?)

white casserole dish full biscuits and gravy topped with cheese

TWENTY: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit

I don’t know why these work as well as they do because they are definitely not your gramma’s biscuit, but they are just the best ever. Ever. EVER. EVER. I love them. They are so easy to whip up and I have been known to grab these and eat them for a snack. Please don’t sleep on this recipe especially if breakfast sandwiches are your love language.

biscuit filled with eggs, cheese, and bacon

NINTEEN: Crockpot BBQ Pulled Chicken

I know they’re are a heck of a lot BBQ sauce purists out there. And I know this just barely passes because it’s so not traditional and it’s a much lower sugar version. I was afraid to even post this now living in the South. Ha! Anyway, It’s so good! Make it! Love it! Don’t let the BBQ purists getcha down!

bun with bbq chicken and coleslaw

EIGHTEEN: Slow Cooker Chicken Carnitas

Drool. That is all. These are seriously so good! Who knew chicken breast could replace traditional pork carnitas? I’m so glad I gave it a go! Use this chicken in EVERYTHING. seriously.

chicken with cilantro and limes on a blue plate

SEVENTEEN: Air Fryer Monterey Chicken

Anyone else go to Chili’s a million times as a teenager to hang out with friends and order Monterey Chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli? No? Just me? Well here’s my grown up version of my chili’s fave! This is such a quick and easy recipe and should be kept in everybody’s back pocket!

chicken with cheese and bacon covered with tomato and green onions

SIXTEEN: Cowboy’s Meal

Cowboy’s Meal was created as a Tex-Mex version of Poor Man’s Meal, a staple skillet meal in my family growing up. It’s full of crazy flavor and I absolutely love it! You can stuff it into tacos/burritos, eat it just as is in a big ol’ bowl, and or throw an egg on it and make a little breakfast skillet situation with leftovers! It is incredible.

tacos with corn, beans, tomatoes, cilatro

FIFTEEN: Crockpot Marinara

Another tried and true favorite that has been on the top skinny-ish dish countdowns since I started doing the countdowns! This recipe is the perfect marinara. It’s no fuss and no frills. Just tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices and a nice long cook time. I’ve had many many readers share that since they’ve started making this sauce they haven’t bought a jar of sauce and for some that’s 5+ years!!! Definitely a must try if you haven’t yet!

crockpot full of tomatoes, onions, spices, bay leaf

FOURTEEN: Italian Beef

Another recipe I shared with y’all that is basically from my childhood! Italian beef was an every other week kind of thing in my house and it’s still a must to this day! This slow cooked chuck roast will rock your socks off, my friends!

shredded beef on brown parchment paper

THIRTEEN: Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake

Meatball Sub in casserole form? Sign. Up. For. This. It’s so delish!

meatballs and cheese and sauce in a white pan with white spatuala

TWELVE: Taco Crunchwrap

Honestly, this might have been my favorite recipe I posted this year. I LOVE IT.

crunchwrap on white plate with fire sauce

ELEVEN: Chicken Street Tacos

If you need a recipe for some of the best tacos EVER. Here ya go!


TEN: Philly Cheese Style Stuffed Peppers

A delicious stuffed pepper full of beef and mushrooms and I can’t believe I love it as much as I do! Because mushrooms and I are not friends.

stuffed peppers

NINE: Easy Baked Chicken

The last recipe you’ll ever need for baked chicken. This is an “all purpose” chicken that you can use in all sorts of recipes or just as is next to some yummy sides! NEVER EVER make boring dry chewy chicken breast again!

chicken breast on plate

EIGHT: Chicken Pot Pie Soup

The most comforting bowl of soup that you could ever make!

soup and biscuit in a blue bowl

SEVEN: Air Fryer Ranch Carrots

I was a little surprised by this! This is my go to side dish and snack and apparently everybody elses too!


SIX: Loaded Chicken Bubble Up Bake

I don’t create many of the “bubble up bakes” anymore, but the one’s I did make really became everybody’s favorite! I think I need to try creating one this year. Seriously all of them that I made that one year that they were super popular are still on this top twenty five list! This Loaded Chicken Bubble up is SO good! Indulgent, but still skinny-ish.

cheese, bacon, and green ionion on biscuits in black bowl

FIVE: Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

Seriously okay, I know I said that the taco crunchwrap was my favorite post, but I actually lied. This is my favorite recipe post this year! I’ve been making this version of Chicken and Dumplings for YEARS and finally shared it with y’all earlier this year. I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea since it has veggies and drop dumplins, but pick’m out if it bothers ya. Haha! This is good stuff, friends!! A cozy bowl of perfection.

chicken and dumplings in white bowl

FOUR: Chicken Salad with Grapes

Meet your new lunch time bestie! This Chicken Salad is soooooo good! Let me also say this real quick. I think fruit with meat is super weird (I wish I liked it, but i can’t 99.9% of the time!), but for whatever reason I absolutely love chicken salad with grapes (and toasted almonds and a savory sweet creamy dressing and crunch celery). It a wonderful mix and the perfect thing to prep and eat all week! I really like to have chicken salad or egg salad in my fridge weekly so this is almost always on the menu.

THREE: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit Bake

You people… are my people. I think you all love bacon, eggs, cheese, and biscuits almost as much as I do! This breakfast casserole is so dang good! It tastes so close to a bacon egg and cheese biscuit from that restaurant with the golden arches on the sign. It’s incredible and extremely popular with picky eaters!

bacon egg and cheese biscuit bake in white casserole dish

TWO: Crockpot Creamy White Chicken Chili

Does this come to anyone’s surprise? Forever taking one of the top spots and a forever skinny-ish dish fave! I’ve had readers tells me that they win chili contests with this recipe! It honestly is fantastic and if you’re a new year and you enjoy southwestern type food and you like beans. You should make this tomorrow.

white chicken chili topped with tortilla strips corn tomatoes and lime


YES, AGAIN! My goal in 2022 is to make more Greek inspired food. It’s truly so wonderful and fresh and flavorful. I absolutely love this recipe and I hope that if you haven’t tried it yet that you will because it’s just… so perfect (not to toot my own horn too much!). And yes I will get my tzatziki sauce on the blog soon so you can put it on top of these!

And, that’s a wrap folks! I hope you find something new to add to your menu plans this week! Happy New Year! Let’s just… try to make it a better one than the last couple, okay?

What do you think should have made the cut!?

Thank you again for another great year!

Loads and lots of love from me to you! -Star

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    Happy New Year!!!

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  80. I can’t wait to try Skillet Pickle Chicken!! Every single recipe looks amazing though!!!

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    Your recipes and blog are well done.

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    I can’t wait to try some of these recipes as I hop back on the WW wagon in the new year – especially breakfast ones since that’s my downfall.
    Thank you for all that you do and the time you spend putting these together, I barely have the patience to input them into the app for points, you are truly a rockstar!

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    There next recipe that has been a go to is Santa’s favorite cookie! I have doubled the batch all four times I’ve made it since you initially posted it!!!

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  90. What a great list!!! White chicken chili is one of our top 3 dinners in our house. And I always forget how much we love cowboys meal!! However, I can’t believe the Buffalo chicken and rice doesn’t make the cut!!! It’s our ABSOLUTE favorite! Never had a bad meal when it comes from the Skinnyish Dish

  91. Last year had the sausage and gnocchi soup on the list, and that quickly became a family fave! It’s the only soup my oldest son will eat! I can’t wait to menu plan for the first few weeks of 2022 using this list. Thanks so much for compiling it, Star!

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  96. I LOVE so many of these recipes! And I’ve made most of them multiple times! My go to site for meal inspo

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    1. My favorite skinnyish dish recipe is the chicken carnitas! I can’t make them without also adding the cilantro lime rice and the chipotle pinto beans! All of your recipes are amazing!

  99. Loaded chicken bubble up bake is legit the best recipe I’ve tried last year, hands down!

    1. The Taco Crunch Wraps have been one of our favorites! We mix tapatio and lime into some Greek yogurt for an added topping and it’s so good!!!

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  102. Chicken pot pie soup, sausage and gravy bake, and Greek chicken bowls are my fav…but I honestly haven’t made a recipe I didn’t love!!!

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  106. The Air Fryer Monterey Chicken is our favorite!! Also love the Creamy White Chicken Chili!! AND so many more…can’t wait to try some new ones!!

  107. The Air Fryer Monterey Chicken is our favorite!! Also love the Creamy White Chicken Chili!! AND so many more…can’t wait to try some new ones!!

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    I LOOOOOVE the marinara and Santa’s Favorite Monster Cookies! Making the loaded bubble up chicken as I type! YUMMO! Can’t wait to try more!

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    It’s so hard for me to pick my favorite. I love literally ANY of the soups on this website. Also my husband and I LOVED the thanksgiving loaves. Definitely satisfies that turkey and stuffing craving when it’s not thanksgiving.

  121. Well I thought my favorite recipe was Skillet Pickle Chicken, but after making the white chicken chili and the Italian beef, I can’t choose just one recipe! I can’t wait to try the Greek chicken bowls, I just added it to my meal plan this week!

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  125. Chipotle chicken bowls are our favorite! Follow by skillet pickle chicken & Italian beef. Any recipe I try is usually delicious.

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    There are several on this #top2021 list we haven’t tried that we will soon be making. Thank you for always providing us with “skinnyish” and tasty recipes. ❤️

  134. Italian beef literally got me through the fourth trimester! I could throw it in the crockpot in the middle of the night when baby woke up and I couldn’t fall back asleep and my husband and I could eat it for days! It is so tasty and so easy!
    I can’t wait to continue making your dishes this year. Some of my other favorites are the crunchwraps, meatball sub bubble up, and although it’s not on the list- Cheeseburger Salad!

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    I absolutely love the sausage gravy biscuit bake. #1 in my house. So tasty and easy. A nice quick dinner. #top21
    I also love the your marina sauce as it’s another tasty winner! So easy to make and I use it with a lot of things that I make. #top2021

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    I cook for one and am able to either freeze your recipes in portions, or halve your recipes.
    Thanks for all you do!

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    Skinny Dish makes WW a charm to follow!
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    1. Best recipe my family loves and makes all the time- Cheeseburger Pasta !❤️❤️❤️

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    I have had Chicken Spaghetti from some places here that sell it frozen, ready to cook after thawing, but they are pretty blah, so this Tex Mex sounds wonderful. We love Chicken & Dumplings, but I never want to roll out the dough and cut the dumplings, so I am excited about dropping them in. Thanks so much for all the great recipes.

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  189. I love the Crockpot Creamy White Chicken Chili recipe. I make it regularly and have shared it with family. It is easy and delicious. I definitely will be trying the Greek Chicken bowls in 2022! This has been listed as a favorite for some time and trying it is a New Year’s resolution!

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    I absolutely love every meal I’ve ever prepared from your recipes! I even got my dad to like a few skinnyish dish recipes, and he’s a meat-and-potatoes, no-low-fat, all-the-good-stuff kind of guy! Thank you so much for all your wonderful food and inspiration! I think my favorite meal is the one pot bacon cheeseburger pasta, but there are so many great ones! You’re the only place I keep coming back for more, even if it’s the same recipe! You do so well with what you do, and never disappoint in my house! Thank you and Happy New Year!

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  212. ALL of your recipes are absolutely delicious, but my all-time favorite is the Biscuits and Gravy Bake. When I joined WW I thought I’d never be able to eat biscuits and gravy again without blowing all my points for the week! I was so WRONG!! This dish is soooo good. Thank you for all your hard work and recipes!

  213. I thought # 24 was a “24 cheese chicken spaghetti” LOL. I will try that one anyway, even if there aren’t 24 cheeses. Thanks for this list, it’s awesome! #top2021

  214. Definitely want to try the Greek chicken bowls, the picture always makes my mouth water, but next I will probably do is either the ranch carrots bc I finally got an airfryer/instant pot combo or the Italian beef. Everyone at my house loves Mississippi pot roast so usually that’s what I do, but you’ve really sold me on the idea of trying yours!

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  218. Love them all so hard to chose just one, but I love Mexican street corn and cowboy’s meal the most because they are easy to make!

  219. I have been making your dishes for a couple of years now for our whole family. We all LOVE them! We are a household of 8 and my kiddos are pretty picky but I have never made a recipe of yours that they didn’t love. I have a cookbook i made full of your recipes and it has really helped my husband and i stay on track with our plan to get healthy. What i love about your recipes is how easy and family friendly they all are. The fact that they are healthy is just an awesome bonus! I would say out of your top 25 list our fave go-to meal would be “Cowboy Skillet” with a close second of “Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers”. Thank you so much for all your hard work! Me and my family seriously appreciate it! And so does my waisteline! lol I hope you have an awesome New Year! Thanks again! Sincerely, Teresa

  220. We made the Roasted Veggie Pasta Primavera this week and everyone loved it! All of your recipes are so tasty!

  221. WHITE CHICKEN CHILI!!! Soooo good!! I’ve made that recipe so many times over the years! I want to try the Taco Crunchwrap! Thanks for all your recipes 🙂 haven’t made one I haven’t liked!

  222. Putting the Italian beef in shortly and have chicken carnitas on tap this week-both SO good!!

  223. I’m not a huge breakfast person, but the Biscuits and Gravy bake has been my favorite so far. It was our Thanksgiving morning breakfast!

  224. My favorite this year has been the Philly Cheese Style Stuffed Peppers. I love when I can lighten up a meal and still get my family to love it!

  225. Cheesy chicken spaghetti is a favorite in my house!!! Love that it’s “skinnyish” so I don’t feel guilty about eating pasta!

  226. I see several of my favorite recipes in the top 25. I always keep your marinara in my freezer.

  227. I’ve tried many of your recipes! It’s such a help while doing WW and my hubby has approved of your skinny dishes as well!! Win Win! . My fave is probably chicken salad with grapes! Paired with Naan dippers …. Oh my!! . Thanks for sharing and for all the work you must put into this!!

  228. My absolute favorite recipe of yours is the Crockpot Marinara. It is the only marinara I use now.

  229. I have tried and love so many of your recipes! From the beef and rice taco casserole to mom’s chicken and rice to cowboy meal, they’re all so so good. But my absolute favorite is the white chicken chili followed close by Italian beef. My mouth is watering just thinking about these!

  230. Chicken Bruschetta Spaghetti is one of our all time favorites! Can’t wait to try some more of your recipes! Thank you for being you!

  231. Thank you for putting this together every year! It gives me great inspiration for my meals as I get back to life after the holiday break. My favorites include BEC Biscuit bake, crockpot marinara, and the street corn! I am looking forward to making the crockpot Italian beef and the Greek chicken bowls soon!

    Again, thank you for the #top2021 and sharing your time, talents, and life with us through your blog and Instagram! Happy New Year to you and the family!

  232. Thank you for all you do, sharing all your hard work efforts with us to enjoy. So many great things on my list to try in the coming months. The list grows every day! Lol.

  233. I made the Easy Baked Chicken Breast and we LOVED IT! So good, moist and flavorful… the only way I’ll baked chicken from now on. We used in salads too… yum! Even our pug loved it!

  234. My current favorite is the meatball bubble up bake! I’ve loved everything I’ve tried and can’t wait to try more! Happy New Year!

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