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Thursday Thoughts-3

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Hi there!
Happy Thursday, friends! Happy two days after Christmas! Are y’all feeling a bit of a Christmas hangover? I sure as heck am. Eric and I gave it our all to decorate, cook, clean, shop, and wrap all of the presents 5 days before Christmas and we are tired, but so happy that our Christmas turned out so beautiful and perfect in our own way. We didn’t get the garland wrapped around the banister like we wanted. We forgot to vacuum the main living room floor. I didn’t get sugar cookies mixed up in time for Christmas Eve, homemade croutons for salad didn’t get made, clean laundry just got pitched into bedrooms before company arrived, but..  as the to-do list grew I found myself wanting to just rip it up so that I could just spend time with my sweet girl and that’s just what I did. We got done what we could and it was enough for us. We got to spend our Christmas at home with our family and I got to cook for everyone, which is obviously something I love to do! Feeding people is my love language. Now let’s get down to this Thursday thoughts post. It’s most Christmas stuff, so if that’s not your thing. I totally understand. Next week I’ll be back with my random ramblin’. 
Christmas Photos– Each year I love getting professional Christmas photos done of Pepper, Eric, and I because I like to look back on them. This year it just didn’t fit into our schedule where Eric and I could be there together and get them with her so I just got them of her and they turned out so dang cute! She’s precious. This is the third year where I’ve had every intention of getting a Christmas card out and I still haven’t. I think next year I’ll just send a collage of photos on a card of all the Christmas photos from the years before. That should cover it. And, if I forget. The next year I’ll send a collage of the collage on a collage. Ha! 
Christmas Tree- This Christmas tree is one of my most special possessions. It’s artificial which always kind of makes me cringe just a bit because I did grow up cutting trees down at a local tree farm. I mean, my dad did the cutting, but my sister and I totally picked’m out and then fed reindeer. When we got older my parents moved to this beautiful tree and after my dad passed my mom gave this one to Eric and I. We do plan to start cutting a tree down tradition again and have two trees in the near future, but I’m very sentimental towards this tree because it was my mom and dad’s and with it came so many special ornaments and memories. It’s perfect and Eric and I add to it little by little every year. There’s no rhyme or reason to any of the ornaments, we don’t really have a color scheme, or a theme, but it’s our own kind of perfect. 

Santa- Last year Pepper was a bit unsure of Santa, but this year? He’s like her best friend. We waited in line at the Bass Pro Santa Village and she practically climbed on top of Eric’s shoulders and was yelling and waving, “hey Santa!!!” and it was the cutest thing in the world. When it was our turn in line she ran as fast she could up to the big guy and gave him the biggest and sweetest hug ever. She proceeded to smile so big and went on to tell’m that all she wants for Christmas is special polly pocket toys. It might have been one of my favorite moments this season. Also, just in case you’re wondering, I’ve been to Bass Pro a handful of times in my life, but never looked at the women’s clothing… turns out the women’s clothing there is super, super cute, and great quality. I may have picked myself out some christmas presents. Ha! 
Christmas Breakfast- I’ve started making a big mess’a Christmas breakfast the last couple of years so that Pepper can sit and play with her new toys instead of us having to take off and head somewhere else. We invite family and whoever can make it comes and enjoys! This year I decided on Biscuits N’ Gravy Bake and Pigs in a Blanket Bake for brunch and everyone loved it! I also threw some tater tots in a cast iron and called it a day because to be honest, I was so tired I barely remember making the food and breakfast with tater tots sounds good to me! 
NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS: You got’m? Love’m? Hate’m? I’m kinda here and there on’m. I’ve never really made resolutions, but the last few years I’ve made small ones that actually pertain mostly to this blog. I’ve done pretty well with them. Last years consisted of rebranding, designing a new site, and getting my Pinterest page squared away.  All of which are done- I’m still working on Pinterest, but it’s getting there! 
I’m still thinking on mine for the coming year, but one new years resolution I have this year is to host and participate in a Step Bet every season, so winter, spring, summer, and fall! It’s a good reason to push myself multiple times a year in the fitness category of my life. Which gets kinda, sorta ignored a lot!  I’ve got one coming up on January 7th and I’d love for y’all to join me and kick off the new year on a healthy foot. I don’t know about you, but I am totally in need of an extra healthy start and soon!  I even have some fun giveaways set up to do throughout the game and add an extra push to keep going! 
What’s a step bet? In a nutshell, it’s a mobile app on your phone called StepBet. You’ll need the StepBet app and a fitness tracker (apple watch, fitbit, garmin, etc). I hosted my first game last September with an amazing turn out. It was so fun. I felt amazing and I even lost 10 lbs! (my body apparently likes me more when I take it for a walk daily)
StepBet generates each individuals goal by their level of fitness depending on their personal fitness tracker. It’s important to know you are only competing against yourself to hit the number of steps that is given to you. 
There are four active days (kinda challenging), 2 power days (challenging), and 1 rest day (you don’t even have to get outa bed if you don’t wanna!). The game is 6 weeks long, but the first week is a warm up week so you can literally just warm yourself up and you won’t get disqualified if you don’t reach your set goals. 
You place a bet of 40 dollars on yourself and WHEN you reach your goals every day for those 5 weeks you’ll get your 40 dollars returned and possibly some extra cash! 
I think i’ve got the basics covered, but if you have any questions go ahead and leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. 
Wanna join me? If you haven’t already, download the StepBet app and then enter game code: skinnyish and it’ll pull up my game. 
I hope to see ya there, lets crush some goals in 2019 together! 
Well, I think that’s it for this Thursday, folks. I need nap! I hope you had the best Christmas and you have the happiest of New Years!
lots of love and hugs,

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  1. I made the pigs in a blanket pancake for Christmas brunch and everyone loved it!

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