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The Booger That Broke a Heart.

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I’m laying here thinking about how I’m kind of missing Eric and all of the things he teases me about. And a funny story came to mind, that I thought I’d share with ya guys because maybe it’ll make you giggle the way it does for me.  Pepper and I are at my mom’s for the weekend, so I’m staying in my old room, and I have a big ole bed all to myself. I get to use the cute, frilly comforter that isn’t even remotely allowed in our bedroom at home. I get to watch my dorky Hallmark Christmas movies and catch no crap for it. I get to spread out across the bed and I do not have to share any blankets. And most importantly, I don’t hear any littles snores coming from the left side of the bed. It’s kind of a dream come true.

I love sharing the bed with that man, but sometimes I really wonder if it would be okay to have separate bedrooms. Yes, you read that right. Rooms. not just beds like back in them old days… I want my own room.

My friend Megan is living in the city and she doesn’t live with a boy yet. We were out shopping not too long ago and she’s thinking of changing her bedroom into kind of a vintage chic type of look with accents of peach and rose gold, but she was so back and forth about it. I told her… DO IT. DO IT NOW. When you live with a man (well at least the man I live with with) you will most likely have to resort to blue or gray or something in between that’s neutral and that adorable Pinterest board full of the cute bedroom ideas with gallery walls, gold pillows, and anything glitter will be thrown out the window. FOREVER.

…unless you decide to have separate bedrooms.

I am going to think about this more. I’m guessing it’s a no. I’d probably miss Eric after about one night, but I think it would be nice to vacation to my own room in our own home once or twice a week.


Anyway, I’m completely off track here. Where I am getting at is that Once upon a time. I dated a boy in High School. I won’t say his name, but he was basically my first real boyfriend. I think I was a sophomore, but I can’t remember that for sure. And I also think we dated for about 3 weeks, and by dated, I mean, we probably went to the movies once and I am pretty sure he walked me home from school a couple of times. We said Hi in the hallway between classes and I am quite positive we high fived while doing so.

and here’s the part that Eric always teases me about. I broke up with this poor boy one rainy morning at my locker because he had a booger. Yep, you read that right. He had a booger in his nose and it was kind of coming out and I could see it and I died a little inside. I said, “We have to break-up right now. I’m sorry.” (Not telling him about said booger) I think he probably still hates my guts more than anything in the world. I really, really hope he found true love, happiness, and that he remembers to use a kleenex.

The end.


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