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The 2018 Christmas Gift Guide

This post may contain affiliate links (meaning I earn a small comission if you purchase an item through a link I provide) I only provide shoppable links to items I love and are helpful. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

—  UPDATED on 12/16/2018  —




1) Ashley — GoWise XL Air Fryer

2) Michaela — GoWise XL Air Fryer

3) Amy S. — InstantPot 8qt 7-in-1



1) Erin

 2) Brianna
















Hey there friends!

I’m often asked about what products I love to use in the kitchen. So I’ve finally put together a lil’ list, just in time for the holidays! It’s short and sweet. These are several of the things that I can’t live without, and I thought I’d share them with you so you can treat yourself this Christmas (ha!). Really though, do it! …or, If you know someone who loves cooking and being in the kitchen as much as you and I do, give’m a gift they’ll actually use daily. I promise they’ll love it! I get so excited when I’m gifted really useful things for the kitchen.


The Skinnyish Dish 2018 Christmas Gift Guide!

(Pssst… click on the name of the product and it’ll take ya to the page to look at more deetz and/or order the item! -Amazon affiliate links-)

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Chopper  Of all the kitchen tools I’ve ever owned, this is one of my favorites. I love using my knives, but you have no idea how much of a timesaver this lil’ doohickey is. It chops garlic and onions in seconds, and I love it so much! There aren’t many days that go by where I don’t use it at least once.

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board A perfect gift for the everyday cook. When I’m making dinner, I’ve gotta have a cutting board with plenty of space. This one is perfect.

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven I use this a lot! It’s great for soups, stews, chili, one pot meals- the list goes on and on.  It was actually gifted to me for Christmas shortly after I started this blog. I love it, and it’s something I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself.

Bonus: You can get it in a bunch of different colors to match your kitchen. So buy one that matches your kitchen color scheme, then just keep it out on the stove top for easy access, and a lovely decoration! 

GoWise XL Air Fryer Ladies and Gents, I finally gave in and got myself one of these earlier this year, and I”m obsessed with it. Enough said.

Granite Molcajete – If you know a guacamole lover- get them this! Such a fun gift. 

Hand Painted Spoon Rest I have this exact one. Yes, you’re correct- all spoon rests are pretty much the same. There’s nothing too special about this one, but it’s pretty! And sometimes, that’s all that matters.

Measuring Cups I love this set of measuring cups because it includes sizes that aren’t in most sets. If you happen to be someone who measures everything (like me) because you’re watching your weight (like me), that 1/8 cup sure comes in handy! These’ll make a great stocking stuffer for someone who loves cooking.

Copper Salt and Pepper Grinders I know this is kind of random, but in this house we happen to be very picky about our salt and pepper grinders. These are durable, and unlike lots of other sets, the grinding-coarseness-dial thingamabob actually works properly. And they’re also pretty! I love adding a touch of copper anywhere and everywhere.

Cusinart Immersion Blender Another one of my favorite kitchen appliances, for real. If you don’t feel like dragging out that big ol’ blender every time you wanna blend something together… y’all need this! I use this in a number of my recipes. It’s so easy, it takes just seconds to blend something. I enjoy finding little shortcuts in the kitchen to make life easier… this is one of my favorites! It’s also soooo much easier to wash this than a big blender with multiple parts. Yeah, ya already know how your girl feels about washing dishes.

Circulon 12″ Deep Covered Skillet I know I’ve told ya multiple times about my infatuation with Circulon cookware, so obviously I want it on this list. In my experience they are the very best, and they practically last forever. But here it is… if you buy one thing from them- you need this skillet! Most of my recipes are made in this here skillet, I’m not exaggerating. It’s just the best. I have a backup sitting in my pantry in case anything ever happens to the first one, or simply for when the other is dirty or in use. I’ve gifted these pans to friends and family for years, because (this is kind of funny, but) the last thing people usually buy themselves is good cookware… even though they use it daily. It’s 100% worth buying one for yourself. But it’s even better if you get it as a gift!

Garbage Bowl – I mean, doesn’t everyone want something with the word garbage in it? Haha! Seriously though, it seems like a very a random thing. But it really is the perfect bowl for kitchen scraps. When I’m cooking (making a mess), I just throw/toss/drop/scrape all of the peels, seeds, scraps, shells, rinds, or any of the other counter-garbage in it, and it makes for an easy-breezy cleanup.  I’ve gifted this bowl to friends… I admit that when they opened it, I kinda got that strange side-eye look. But it never fails: I’ve always gotten a thankful call a month or two later, telling me it’s one of the most useful things! Bam. It’s also pretty. You’re welcome.

Instant Pot I’ve never owned or used one of these babies. But I finally got one! I’m just starting to learn my way with it… but friends- look out 2019! because I’m planning to blow up this blog with some great Instant Pot recipes. Finally!

I know that many of y’all have been waiting for this. So stay tuned- the wait is almost over.

Mixing Bowls with Lids I now have multiple sets of these great bowls! I love the no-slip bottoms. I love that they have covers. They are easy to clean. I just plain love them. I never imagined I could love a mixing bowl this much, but well, here we are.

Toddy Cold Brew System Calling all coffee lovers! A few years ago at Christmas time, my best friend Megan gave me this cold brew system, and I still use it every single week. I make up a big batch of cold brew concentrate. And then when I DON’T go to the local coffee shop and drop a few bucks for my morning coffee fix, every single day, I save a load of money. It’s so delicious! People always ask me how I make my coffee… it begins and ends with this magical system right here.



And that’s it, we’re done! I could go on and on listing my favorite things. Lord knows I have a lot! but this year I decided to keep the list short and sweet, and on a pretty practical level. Any of these items would make yours and your family’s life easier, and would make a perfect gift!







* The fine print… The giveaway associated with this post/the items in this post ended on December 16th 2018- no more entries will be accepted. The randomly selected winners have been contacted, and all prizes have been awarded. The 2018 Skinnyish Dish Christmas Wish List Giveaway was not sponsored by any of the above mentioned companies. These are products that I love- We purchase these items at our own expense, and gift them to each of the 3 randomly chosen winners. Prize items are purchased and shipped through Amazon. To my readers who live outside of the continental United States: I LOVE YA! But unfortunately, we’re unable ship prize items to any winners outside the USA. Thanks for your understanding. If any winning post mentioed multiple items from the list, prize was selected randomly from those mentioned. Only one entry per person.

Whether you need gift ideas for friends and family or for yourself, my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide has something for everyone! #giftguide #kitchenmusthaves

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  1. I would love to win the Instant Pot. Working full time & driving long distances to work shortens the amount of time left for cooking. Merry Christmas and Happy New year

  2. I would love the Circulon skillet! Thank you so much for posting this list. I love reading your website and recipes!

  3. The cuisinart stainless steel chopper would be great! You have a wonderful list and anything on it would be a treat!

  4. I’ve wanted an air fryer! That would be amazing!

    By the way – this is a awesome list!!

  5. You are amazing! Thank you for all your help in my WW journey! Love your recipes and your posts! I live in Chicago so I always crack up and empathize with your traffic struggles. Haha! Have definitely had an Instant Pot in my shopping cart a few times but haven’t done it yet. Thank you again for all your help!

  6. I haven’t tried either but I’m dying for an instant pot and an air fryer. I just can’t decide which one!

  7. I love the immulsion blender! I don’t have one but I need one. Excited for this giveaway.

  8. I’ve been dying to join the air fryer crew, but haven’t had the money to get one just yet! I would love to win one here. Thanks for all your amazing recipes and your generosity

  9. I’ve had my eyes on an immersion blender forever!! I know it’s probably one of those things that once I spend the money on it I’ll be like, how did I live without this?

  10. I love the Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven!!! I love cooking with cast iron, but I love the easy clean up of the enamel!

  11. I want an instant pot so bad! The fact that you said you’re about to go crazy making IP recipes makes me so, so happy! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. Hi Star!! I love the list, and I love your recipes. So hard to choose just one product, I would like to forward this list to Santa lol. The one thing I’ve been eyeing lately is the circulon 12” deep covered skillet, I have had it in my amazon cart forever!
    Merry Christmas!

  13. What a great list, I’d love anything and everything. I think I’d tell Santa I’d like the enamel cast iron Dutch oven.

  14. Merry Christmas and I love your recipes! I would love to win the instant pot or the mixing bowl with lids… The instant pot cause everyone takes about them and I don’t have on yet and the mixing bowls because really can you ever have enough!!!!

  15. Ohh, or the immersion blender! I’ve been expanding my culinary skill set and I keep having to do the tricky move into my blender/food processor. Though it probably is pretty funny to watch.

  16. Ohh gosh, all of these things are amazing! But I’ve been dying to get my hands on an air fryer! I keep seeing more and more recipes using them and I am so intrigued. I’m wondering if it will be that magically thing that will help me kick my love of fried food. (Fingerscrossed )

  17. Star!! You are AMAZING. Your recipes are my fav. My family loves Mexican food and you always are my go to for low point Mexican recipes. I would love to win the Insta-Pot!

  18. So many good things on this list! This was such a hard decision… I think I would have to go with the air fryer because I see WW posts using it all.the.time and have been so curious to try it.

  19. Such a great list, so many things i dream about. But im really hoping for an immersion blender so i can make all the SOUPS!

  20. You have some great picks! I’d love to try to Cuisinart Chopper by I’m sick of going to bed with my hands smelling like onion and garlic!

  21. Ooh – great list!! I would probably have to go with the Dutch oven. It’s one of those things I’ve always looked at and considered buying, but never made the purchase. I think I would actually end up using it ALL the time!!

  22. Hi. I would love the Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. I have started making my own gluten free soups for my work lunches and would to make soup in this beautiful pot!

  23. Oh would I love me some new measuring spoons specially if it has an 1/8 cup. My measuring spoons have seen better days. I got metal one so I can see the size but only to have them rust. My plastic ones, the sizes wear off

    This is awesome that you guys are doing this.
    Keep up the great recipes. My house loves the bacon cheeseburger pasta

  24. First let me say I have that exact cutting board and those salt/pepper grinders and they are both great! The cutting board is always the perfect size, I never feel cramped. The grinders look and feel new after a year of use, and I use pepper on EVERYTHING!
    What I really need are those measuring cups!! I have 1/2 cup and 1/4 cup old plastic ones, dont ask me where the rest of the set is (I do know one made it’s way into the tub). I too measure everything while I’m on a weightloss/healthy lifestyle ch as he journey so these would go a long way!

    Happy Holidays!

  25. I would love the immersion blender!!! I love to make soups and KNOW this would come in handy!!!

  26. Oh my gashhhhhhh—!
    A Dutch ovennnn! I’d love to cook up some thangs in there! ❤️ But let’s face it, they’re expensive so I pull out the good ol’ Pot, but who wouldn’t want a good ole’ fashioned dutch oven!

  27. I’ve always wanted a garbage bowl! Yes it’s true all I want for Christmas is a garbage bowl.

  28. Definitely the air fryer!! I’ve been wanting one for ages, and just can’t wait to try it out!!

  29. Hi Starr (and hubby!)
    I would love the cast iron Dutch oven. Embarrassed to say I never have had a Dutch oven ! But my husband started to cook with cast iron (he is the breakfast maker in the family) and can’t believe how good food is using cast iron! Thank you & Merry Christmas!!

  30. Hey Star!

    I’m probably the last person on earth that doesn’t have an air fryer, so I would love one! Thank you!

  31. Would love an air fryer!! I’ve been saving your recipes in hopes that I get one for Christmas… or for when I buy myself one after Christmas!!

  32. I would love to have the air fryer!! It’s on the top of my wish list and a super close second is the instant pot! Love your blog and recipes!

  33. OOOOhhhhhh I really would LOVE that Circulon 12″ Deep Covered Skillet – gimme all the Skillet Pickle Chicken in that thing!!

  34. I would love to win the covered skillet. Looks very convenient for a family meal. Love your blog and recipes!

  35. I have a hard time choosing just one!! The Dutch oven, skillet, spoon holder…swoon!! How generous of you!

  36. I would love the deep covered skillet!! Thank you so much for sharing all your amazing recipes!! My family has enjoyed all your hard work.

  37. I love all your yummy recipes! I would love the instant pot & measuring cups. You can never have too many measuring cups pulse mine are looking pretty used.

  38. I would love the instant pot! It would be great for quick easy meals after my kidney transplant!

  39. I would LOVE the Instapot!!! Don’t have one yet and still haven’t jumped on that bandwagon yet! Merry Christmas!

  40. Hey Star, LOVE your name by the way! It’s very Christmasy! I am a fairly new follower I love your new Thursday Thoughts blog. I want to enter the giveaway. I could not decide what I would want the most maybe the pan that you can’t live without….or maybe the XL air fryer?

  41. I would love the Circulon skillet! Our current skillets were a wedding gift almost 12 years ago and the “nonstick” is nonexistent 😉 I’m 3 months pregnant with baby number four so this skillet would be the perfect size for our almost family of 6 to keep making your amazing dishes! Merry Christmas to your family!

  42. I loved reading this list, and I completely missed the giveaway aspect when your originally posted it! I would love an immersion blender or an instant pot!

  43. The list is so great! It’s hard to pick a favorite but I’d say… the skillet! So many yummy thing to make!

  44. Hello! So many great items. I would love the mixing bowls. Bowls with lids would be awesome. Thank you for all that you share with us.

  45. Hands down would love the air fryer! I have seen so many recipes and blog posts talking about how great they are and would love to try it.

  46. How can you choose just one?! You have such good taste it’s all great! The salt and pepper grinders really stand out to me tho! They’re beautiful!

  47. First off- thank you so much! You and your recipes have been my key to success on my WW journey. Because of you (in large part) I’m down almost 50lbs. 🙂
    But as for the giveaway list- the Circulon Deep Dish skillet would be incredible! Finally a pan that would allow my rice to cook correctly in my Cheesy Italian Skillet! YUM!

  48. I love your site and recipes! The chopper is probably the thing I need the most in my life. But, I love those salt and pepper grinders Merry Christmas!

  49. I am loving the list and realized I dont have a Dutch oven! Also wondering if it is time for my skillet to be replaced…. thanks for all the recommendations!

  50. I would love an immersion blender! Your recipes are so amazing! Thank you for what you do!

  51. The Circulon skillet for sure!! I bought the smaller Circulon skillet after a recommendation from you and I LOVE it. I would love a whole set but just can’t splurge on it right now.

  52. I would love the Dutch oven! My bf and I are moving in together and I could use it to make some great winter meals!

  53. I’ve been dying to try a Dutch oven!! Fingers crossed! What an amazing giveaway!

  54. Hi!!!
    First, I have to say I enjoy all your posts on Instagram and love making your recipes!!!
    Honestly, I’d love to win any of your favorite items but if I had to pick one maybe the blender? I wonder if it could help when I make baby food for my daughter?? Or the salt and pepper shakers, my pepper grinder has been driving me crazy lately, lol
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  55. As a fellow Star(r), I just gotta say I love your list! The instant pot is what I’ve been dropping hints to everyone that I want!

  56. I would love the cold brew system! I love your blog, and make your recipes frequently, thanks so much for all the great ideas!

  57. I have been eyeing that cast iron Dutch oven for some time but just haven’t but the bullet! Thanks for the recommendation and even if I don’t win I might but one!!!! Thanks Star

  58. I would die for those mixing bowls! I’m new to the whole weight watchers thing and I am starting to become more familiar with the kitchen this is scary for anyone who may have to eat my food lol

  59. Ahhhh so fun and generous of you!!! I’ve had my eye on a Granite Molcajete for AGES! Guac is basically equal to everlasting life in this household! Merry Christmas Star!

  60. The Dutch oven! There is nothing like it and I feel like I can never find one that I love.

  61. If a recipe says prep time of 15 minutes, it will always take twice that long if chopping up vegetables is involved. I would love to get that stainless steel chopper!
    Also, the air fryer and the mat!

  62. What a great list!! This gave me some ideas of what to get my mom for Christmas 🙂 I think the immersion blender would be so handy! So that is what I would choose. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  63. It is hard to pick. I am in love with that AirFryer. We had one before and it was awesome but it broke and we need to save up some money to replace it. I also love that bamboo cutting board it is so beautiful. The AirFryer for the healthy eating habits we are trying to build is my number one pick though. Thanks for the ideas.

  64. Hi! I stopped scrolling the list at the Cuisinart Air Fryer! The “why” is simple. My parents are very mobility challenged (wheelchair for Mom, Walker for Dad) They both deal with a lot of pain but Dad still tries to cook! This would make their lives so much simpler.. and I wouldn’t worry about them eating “right”. Please tell that they/I have been very good!

  65. I’d most want an instant pot. I feel like everyone has one and I’m missing out!
    Or the immersion blender. I’ve always wanted one of those too!!

  66. Hands down the skillet. Or the lodge cast iron Dutch oven. Or the salt and pepper grinders. Or….squirrel!! LOL. Seriously want one of each!!

  67. I would love the skillet. My only skillets are hand me downs and have seen many better days

  68. Hi! Love your blog & your recipes! My wish would be the Circulon 12” Deep covered Skillet – because you said I “need” it! (Actually I’d love anything on the list – so generous of you!) Happy Holidays!

  69. I would LOOOVVVEEE the air fryer ! My second pick is definitely the cast iron skillet!

    I have followed you for what seems like a lifetime now and you don’t know it but we’re basically like best friends ‍♀️! Seriously thanks you for creating all the amazing-ness that you have

  70. I would love the air fryer. I have been wanting to try one. And I would love new cooking pans!

  71. Omg the immersion blender! I’ve had it on my “to get” list for months now and just can never find a good time to purchase one.

    Love this giveaway, thank you thank you!

  72. What a great list! I’d love an air fryer! I’ve heard so many good things about them and it feels like the one kitchen appliance I’m missing!

  73. Really want the GoWise XL Air Fryer!!
    Happy Holiday to you and your family Star!! Your receipes are a lifesaver!!!

  74. I have been eyeing an instant pot for forever now! I see so many quick and easy recipes for it

  75. I’d be most excited about the Instant Pot – I’ve heard so many good things! Star, keep it up with all of the amazing recipes (the bacon cheeseburger pasta is to die-for)!

  76. I would love the cold brew system
    For my husband! He has been wanting one for awhile now!

  77. Hi Star!
    I absolutely love following you! I have made MANY of your recipes and we have enjoyed all of them. I appreciate a good set of measuring spoons and bowls. Mine are looking not so pretty any more. Thanks for the recommendation! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  78. I love these ideas! I would love the air fryer. It has been on my Santa list for awhile now and my hubby refuses to get one for me because he says the reviews online are not good and he thinks it is a waste. But I know a lot of people who love their air fryers! Thank you for all of your recipes and Happy Holidays!

  79. I have been dying to try to make butternut squash soup, and I haven’t been able to because I do not have an immersion blender. Maybe with a new immersion blender, I will be able to make this soup.

    PS: I think I clicked on EVERY link of yours since it was an affiliate link 🙂

  80. I am getting the instant pot for Christmas and so excited. My mom has had one for awhile and I love using it. Thanks for the list some awesome ideas to purchase once i have moved into my new home next spring.

  81. Thanks for this list! I need that chopper! As many times as I chop garlic and onions by hand each week, this would save me a ton!! 🙂

  82. Ive been following you for a bit on instagram and just signed up for your newsletter. Cant wait to get some new recipes! Love pretty much all your recipes. Now for the fun part. I would love the Circulon covered skillet. I do have some of that cookware but not a skillet like this. Merry Christmas to you!

  83. What a great list of presents for people who like to cook! I like the instant pot and if I had an extra one I would give it to my son because his broke last week.

  84. I think i would love the chopper, mine has disappeared, and i keep looking for it, instead of buying a new one. And i would love the immersion blender, i keep making quite a mess, pouring from a hot pot to food processor. and i would really love the frying pan.
    Guess i would love anything.

  85. Thanks for all the great recipes! I would love the measuring cups or the guacamole masher 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  86. Oh man we’ve been dying for an air fryer – hoping for one under the tree this year! Or even better, winning one haha!

  87. I love your recipes, I’m trying out the chicken Alfredo stuffed shells this week! This is a great list for your foodie friends, I’d love the air-fryer or the immersion blender .. in case any gift giving people I know happen to be reading this! *wink*
    Happy Holidays to you & your family !

  88. I want all of these(except the instant pot, which I already own and am obsessed with!), but I would most love to have an air fryer! Sometimes a girl just needs fries, especially to accompany pickle chicken.

    Merry Christmas!

  89. So many fabulous ideas. Honestly can say I don’t have very many of the items on this list. That XL air fryer in all its bright colors looks so fun. I’m going to have to try to pick up a few of these for the family this year. Fun gadgets like these always make cooking so much more enjoyable. 🙂

  90. The one thing I would love to have on your list is the Circulon 12″ Covered deep Hard Anodized Aluminum Skillet. Every year I end up buying a new skillet because mine wears out too fast. Thanks

  91. So many great gift ideas. I would love an instapot its the only appliance I am missing. But the garbage bowl or S&P grinders are awesome. I to am very picky about them and very intrigued now that I know you love them.. I too love cooper in the kitchen.

  92. Hey Star! I love love love your recipes ! Thank you so much for the yummy food. I would have to say of all the items the Dutch oven and air fryer are things I’ve been wanting to get. Happy Holidays:)

  93. Oddly enough, I have everything in your list but the Granite Molcajete Spice Grinder. What I really want is the measuring cups because finding 1/8 or 2/3 cup to measure is hard to find. Thanks for all your recipes! Love love them.

  94. I think I would use the 6 qt Dutch oven the most. And like you, it is something I wouldn’t buy for myself.

  95. Love reading your blog and what a great giveaway! I would love the Dutch oven. It’s something I’ve always thought I needed but just never purchased. Island Spice is the color for me!

  96. I would love the air fryer! I have been contemplating one lately and have seen some great recipes out there!

  97. Hey Girl ~ What a great giveaway! I would love the skillet! I feel like I can never find the perfect skillet and now that I’ve found a love in cooking since I’m an empty nester, I would love to try it out! Thanks for being awesome.

  98. Oh man! Can I just forward this list to Santa, please? 🙂

    I have been considering an Air Fryer, and would LOVE to win one!

    But those measuring spoons, and that garbage bowl!??! Those really caught my eye!

    Thanks for the opportunity! I love all of your recipes SO much! (MIGAS!!!!!)

    Good luck, all!

  99. What an excellent list! I already have many of the things you listed. I do love me some kitchen gadgets! But, what I could REALLY use is that Cuisinart Stainless Steel Chopper. I own an ancient plastic contraption of a chopper from the dawn of time. I think it may be the prototype for hand choppers, actually. So, if I were gifted a shiny, new chopper, I could donate my old one to the Smithsonian! Merry Christmas Star!

    1. Is it a pampered chef one?! I grew up with that one in my mom’s kitchen. I think she had to replace a part, but still has the same one too!

      Merry Christmas!

  100. I am terrified of the Insta Pot — but feel so left out now that everyone is getting one! Maybe I should have asked someone to gift it to me (because then I would have to use it!). Great guide – I’m hoping for ALL the cooking/baking things this Christmas!

  101. Hello… happy holidays !!! I have been looking at air fryers for months just can’t figure out which one to get. I love your pick!! It’s red so that’s my wish list !! Thank you and have a great holiday season!!

  102. All great products. I think that I’m finally ready to try my instapot skills. That would be an Awesome Christmas/Birthday gift. By the way, I Love the haircut!

  103. The air fryer would be amazing. I love the red—I have all the red kitchenaid appliances, so the red fryer would complement them nicely! Thanks for doing this.

  104. I would love the Lodge enamel cast iron covered pot. I have always wanted one and they seem so versatile. Lately I have seen recipes for artisan type breads made in one of these. So many ideas- one too the stove, in the oven, soups, stews breads! Yum! Love your new newsletter too!!!!

    1. First, I can’t tell you how many times your posts have made me smile and think about when my littles were still little. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, fears and of course, your wonderful recipes! That Toddy cold brew system tho….I likey!!

  105. I would love the measuring cups! I have 2 sets of the normal 4 sizes and I often think I could use the additional sizes!!

  106. What a great list! Have to be honest the immersion blender or the garbage bowl. 2 totally different things but I cannot decide haha! Merry Christmas. 🙂

  107. I would love the Circulon 12″ Deep Covered Skillet. I have never owned a deep skillet and this would come in handy for those one pot meals.

  108. So many great ideas on your list! The item at the top of my list would be the Circulon 12″ Deep Covered Skillet….I am adding it to my list for my kids to get me! Everyone needs a terrific skillet!

  109. Such a good list! I have a few things you listed, but one thing I dont have and have been wanting is an air fryer! Thanks for a great giveaway and all your awesome recipes!

  110. Oooo this is such a great giveaway with such awesome options! I’m torn between the garbage bowl and the deep covered skillet but I think the skillet would come in handy for making your wonderful recipes. I have one but sometimes it’s just not quite deep enough. Thanks for another year of great recipes!

  111. Love following you on Instagram and checking out your recipes. I hate cooking (it’s a personal problem). I love love love potatoes, so I think an Air Fryer would be most useful.

  112. I would love the bamboo cutting board! I think this could also double (and triple) as a cheese board AND a food photo backdrop… I am feeling all those styled cheese boards on insta! So excited for your blog and all the exciting things happening for you!! Your recipes make this WW life so enjoyable!

  113. I would love the set of mixing bowls because I truly believe you can’t have enough mixing bowls and I only have one set so I am constantly washing them.

  114. Air Fryer! I love mine and it broke earlier this year 🙁 Merry Christmas! 🙂

  115. Circulon 12″ deep covered skillet would be wonderful. I am in need of a new skillet. Thanks for sharing your ideas and recipes. You are great!

  116. I’ve been eyeing an air fryer!! Thanks for posting such great recipes for us, my family is pretty happy 🙂 my one kitchen gadget I can’t live without is a silpat mat!

  117. So many awesome ideas! Love the suggestions and that you listed out what you use them for. There are a couple I have my eye on and might have to pick up after the holidays. Thank you for sharing your awesome recipes!

  118. Just started on my weight loss journey with WW, found your site and IG and loving some of the recipes! I am down 10lbs so far and it is only the beginning but I am very thankful for the ladies like you for helping with tasty and healthier recipes. I would love to win an airfryer more than anything. I have seen so many youtube videos of WW youtubers using it and it seems so easy and perfect! I live alone so using the oven or crockpot for cooking for one seems silly sometimes but the airfyer seems perfect. Thanks for providing this contest, and Happy Holidays!

  119. Love the instant pot. I bought one on Black Friday and I’m now obsessed. I really need a deep skillet with a lid!

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  123. Hello there.
    Too much pick from !! But since you asked I would like the Insta Pot !! I love your post on Instagram. Thanks for all your great receipts.. Happy Holiday to you and your family..
    P.S. I’m glad I don’t have to do your dishes. Lol

    1. Hahaha! I wish I could hire someone to just come in daily to do my dishes and clean my kitchen. Maybe someday!!

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    Thanks for all your wonderful recipes and the time you spend on your posts.

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    Thanks so much for your blog and recipes – they’re lifesavers for weight loss!

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    Btw, also looking forward to the next step bet

    1. Step Bet starts in January, but I still need to finish setting it up! Cant wait to see ya there!!

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  193. Lodge Dutch Oven
    Just bought our first home together as a soon to be married couple and the Dutch oven would be great! We are both European so we LOVE our soups and stews…with a good spice! We don’t have many items yet and this would be great on those cold nights. Id be able to make a large batch and freeze the rest for the days I’m at work and my fiance is at home! Plus the colours are amazing!
    What a great idea…thank you

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  198. I would totally love to have the Circulon 12” Skillet. All of my skillets are super old. Infact they are hand me downs, so fonhce a brand new one would be a dream come true. It would also help make some of the fabulous dishes that I make from this website. By far some of my favorite recipes are found here. I’ve had to create a huge binder full of recipes.

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  209. The Dutch oven is something I’ve always wanted but haven’t bought myself!

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  217. I just started cooking again and need almost everything! I Would love to get the instapot, they look a little daunting but amazing too! Whenever I take your recipes in my lunch and heat them up at work everyone wants to know what I am eating “that smells so good”. I have been telling everyone to check out your website, so new fans are coming your way!

  218. I would love the Toddy Cold Brew system! I love cold brew, and they also moved their headquarters to my home town! ❤️

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  222. The immersion blender would be great to have to put the finishing touches on some warm, creamy soup!

  223. I just wanted to Thank you for all the wonderful recipes!!! Because of your recipes, I have lost over 30 pounds in 90 days!!! I never fill hungry and know I couldn’t have done it with out you!! God Bless and Merry Christmas!! Keep the recipes coming!!

    Always a follower of Skinnishdish!!!

  224. The Dutch oven, the skillet, the air fryer, tha cabbage bowl!! How do I choose?! I need it all put probably the skillet would be my #1!

  225. The chopper or the Instant pot. Heck any of them are good ideas. Wish I would have seen this list before I did my shopping this year.

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  229. I would love to have the immersion blender so I can make that yummy looking tomato soup!!

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  232. I love you, I love your Blogs , I love all your food post. We talk about you at our weekly weight watchers meeting a lot. I’m always sharing you with someone. Your inspiration and I envy your mad cooking skills.
    I’d love the Air Fryer for Christmas/ birthday gift. My birthday is on Christmas day!!! Thanks for the giveaway. I know someone will be super happy!!!

  233. I feel the same as you about washing dishes, so I would love the immersion blender.

  234. I would LOVE the skillet!! I love making way too much and having leftovers for me and the hubby <3

  235. I’m a single mom of a special needs child with working full time and with all the the rushing around dinner time is hard to make healthy and delicious meals. I would love an air fryer or insta pot to help make weeknight dinner prep less stressful. I made the crockpot lasagna the other night amazing big hit!

  236. Omg what I would love more than anything would be the GoWise XL Air Fryer I really would appreciate ant any gift but thats the one wished gift. Thanks fir the opportunity.

  237. I would actually love the measuring cups. I thought about asking my husband for them for Christmas, but i felt silly asking for them.

  238. I would love an instant pot! We’re a very busy family and I think it could come in handy!!


  239. I have so many of these already! But I have to say I love the salt and pepper grinders — the copper would go great in my kitchen!

  240. I would love an air fryer! I’ve been meaning to invest in one, but I’ve never been sure what kind is best!

  241. I am a baker, so would LOVE the mixing bowls with lids! Although, I do like your ‘doohickey’ mention in the Cuisinart chopper – haven’t heard that expression in a long time! 🙂

  242. You have really described each one perfectly! I would love the air fryer, ive been eyeing one of those babies for awhile now and would love to start using new recipes that use the air fryer! Thanks for always inspiring us with your great recipes and fun blogs!

  243. Oh my how I would love the skillet! I just tossed my old one actually? It was that bad! You’re so right though, so hard buying them for yourself!!

  244. The air fryer! We have toddlers, and they pretty much will eat anything fried. I’d love a healthier alternative! Also, your tacos and chipolte chicken bowls are house staples. Whenever I get off my WW track and need to find my way back, I prep those puppies!

  245. Thank you for this list! It’s very helpful for me. I’ve wanted an immersion blender since they first came out, but haven’t bought one. That would be a real treat for me. You got me at “easy to clean”!

  246. The salt and pepper grinder is on my wish list! I’ve never had one, and these are so stylish. That’s so nice of you to do a give away!

  247. I would love the XL air fryer! It would make those long work days so much easier, when dinner prep would be made easy! Thank you, Star!

  248. Oh my!! What to pick, what to pick??

    I’m torn between the Instant Pot and the Air Fryer, but I think I’m going with the air fryer!

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Star!

  249. I would love to have the Cold brew system! Just recently started drinking cold brew and I’m obsessed with it, so much smoother than making hot coffee and pouring it over ice!

  250. I would love the instapot! It would help this hard working mama out with dinner! Love your recipes ❤️

  251. I would love an air fryer!! I have made lots of your recipes and loved every one of them!! Thanks for all you do!!

  252. First, love your recipes! I would love to see the air fryer under the tree. Thank you for your posts.

  253. You are helping in my WW journey more then you can know! Your recipes are great and inspire me to really think and plan meals and snacks! I would love to win the instapot or the cast iron Dutch oven!

  254. Hello!
    Thank you for having a giveaway for your readers! I would love to have the air fryer!!

  255. I would love the air fryer or the instant pot. I love all of your recipes and thank you so much for posting and sharing them! They have helped me out a lot with staying on track! Thank you!!!

  256. So many choices, and what an awesome giveaway. I would go with the spoon rest, it is beautiful an would add some color to my kitchen. As a full time student and work your recipes are quick, freeze nice, and I’m not look for expensive ingredients. So thank you!!

  257. Just one?! Man! Mixing bowls with lids are life. You can never have too many! Love ya, girl! Thanks for doing this! @jensmainejourney

  258. Love your recipes, website and Insta!!! I’ve tried several recipes and all have been a HIT!!! Thank you!!!! This list is awesome!!! I would love many items from this list!! I think the top pick would have to be an Air Fryer!!!!! Happy Holidays Star!!!

  259. I am so bad about going to Starbucks every morning! I would love the Toddy Cold Brew System! I live in Texas so it’s always iced coffee weather here! I love your blog and recipes! Thank you for sharing with us!

  260. Thank you for sharing all your favorites! And immersion blender is something that needs to be added to my kitchen.

  261. I would really like an instapot so I can make all your wonderful recipes quickly. My favorite is your white chicken chili. Merry Christmas

  262. You have been such a huge help since I started on WW in July. I love your Recipes and my family does, too. Thank you for all your hard work! My favorite on your list is that beautiful blue Lodge case iron pot!!

  263. I would love the air fryer! I’ve been thinking about getting one but I’m scared to make the purchase. I have that Circulon pan and I LOVE it!!

  264. They bamboo cutting board has been in the back of my mind forever and I always forget to ask for it. This is the year for it!! I love your blog!

  265. I’ve been wanting a Dutch Oven for awhile now! The hubs thought he got me the right thing last year, but it was a double boiler lol.

  266. Ooooh wow!!! This is an awesome list & so hard to choose. I’m always saying there has to be an easier way when I’m chopping onions so the stainless steal chopper would be my go-to! As we’re both just two years out of college and learning day by day, my boyfriend & I love your dishes as they’re super easy and healthy. Thank you for the amazing recipes!

  267. I would love the air fryer or chopper! I am so excited to see your instant pot recipes. I don’t use mine as often as I’d like because I can’t find that many WW friendly recipes for it. My husband and I have loved every one of your recipes we’ve tried so far (I’m still trying to get my picky kids on board). Eating your chicken street tacos as I type. Thank you for being so awesome!! 🙂

  268. I have been on a weight loss journey my whole entire life. This past year I have stuck with it and I believe it is because of your delicious recipes. I am always excited to see what you come up with. I don’t have an instant pot but have heard amazing things about them. If you are going to start posting recipes with it, I WANT one! Thank you for help me on my weight loss journey.

  269. I would love the air fryer!!! Have been wanting one for a while and haven’t bit the bullet yet so this would be so awesome!!!!

  270. Definitely the Air Fryer! We have been talking about getting one because of how much money we spend on chickpea snacks! 🙂

  271. As a single mom of teens I would love sn I nstapot! Last year I bought myself an air fryer for Christmas.

  272. I would love the immersion blender. I have been wanting one for awhile and was going to gift one to myself for Christmas. However, I lost my job in August and haven’t found one yet so it is put on the back burner.

  273. This list is so great! I feel you so much on the little chopper and there is no turning back once you get a big cutting board! Cramped cutting is not the jam! My favorite item on your list is probably the instant pot. Though I’ve been eyeing the darn air fryer too. I’m a crockpot junky and the instant pot is on my Christmas list!

  274. I would LOVE the instapot. I have been hesitant on buying one and am the biggest fan and supporter of my air fryer but I feel like this would be the next step to my cooking game. Your dishes have inspired me to get outside of my “comfort zone” of the things I normally cook because they are easy and I can do it without much thought. Your dishes have now become something I’m excited to try and make again and again and my boyfriend is certainly thankful for that as well!

  275. I would love the Dutch Oven. I am a big fan of one pot meals so this would be perfect.