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60+ 4th of July Recipes

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With 4th of July being right around the corner I thought I’d share an ultimate list of 60+ delicious 4th of July Recipes! This recipe round up includes lots of healthy, a few more indulgent, and totally yummy recipes! I asked some blogger friends from all over the internet to help me create this crave worthy list for y’all. Here you’ll find so many good ideas for the Fourth of July or any summer party you’ve got on the schedule!

60+ 4th of July recipes

Drinks? bottoms up! Appetizers.. check! Side dishes.. absolutely! Meat for that grill? of course (even a few for the smoker too)! Vegetarian ideas? We got a few! Desserts- you bet your bottoms!

Let’s get to the good part!

60+ Delicious 4th of July Recipes

side dish and salads

We’re always looking for that perfect dish to pass! Potato salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, ramen salad– We’re sharing a little of everything!

the main dish

on the grill, smoker, or even in the slow cooker. I’ve got some goodies to share! While we usually like to associate grilled food with the 4th of July. I’ve noticed a lot of people wanting to keep it a little more simple and throw something in the crockpot for ease. You’ll find chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, and a few vegetarian friendly recipes too!


Appetizers are a must for any party and I bet there’s something for everyone on this list from dips to salsas. If you need me at just about any cookout, you’ll find me with a plate of appetizers. They are the highlight of any party in my opinion.

red, white, and blue recipes

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post full of so many delicious 4th of July recipes. Thanks to all the bloggers who helped me pull it together!

Happy 4th of July and happy cooking!

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